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QDC has now partnered with LoyalT® to pioneer Technology 4.0 in the Laundry and Dry-cleaning industry

QDC has now partnered with LoyalT® to pioneer Technology 4.0 in the Laundry and Dry-cleaning industry. QDC, in partnership with LoyalT®,will provide a blockchain and AI powered loyalty ecosystem to the Dry-cleaners and Launderers. This loyalty ecosystem will disrupt and completely transform how dry cleaners and launderers engage and relate with their customers.

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Connecting loyalty programs using Blockchain

Chip, the Retail and Consumer Consulting Lead | Director PwC Switzerland‍Chip, discusses about connecting loyalty programs and loyalty points exchange using Blockchain, with Animesh Ghosh, CEO and Co-Founder at KornChain Limited a London based start-up, on his podcast Implemented.‍

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A whole new way to save for your holidays - Introducing Dreamdays LoyalT

Dreamdays has partnered with LoyalT®– the first ever global reward points Exchange network underpinned by blockchain and Artificial Intelligence – to introduce Dreamdays LoyalT®, an exclusive exchange-enabled loyalty program for people who love rewards and are looking for amazing new redemption options.

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How brands can leverage our technology to improve customer loyalty

A way to re-engage customers through loyalty programmes could be to provide flexibility and more options on redemption by allowing exchanging points between programmes. Let’s take the example of an entrepreneurial independent café in Shoreditch. The café allows its loyalty points collected from coffee purchases to be exchanged for a spa day, airmiles, etc. By allowing an exchange, this café increases perceived value of points for the consumer...

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Impact of the Platform Ecosystem on the Loyalty Industry

A significant downside of current loyalty programs is that it takes too long to reach the redemption threshold and the value isn’t exciting. An exchange induced loyalty program can provide the much-needed momentum where one can harness the power of a platform to exchange points between the businesses. An exchange network powered by Blockchain, such as LoyalT, that connects businesses of all sizes and multiple domains can emerge as a data hub...

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IAG welcomes LoyalT to HANGAR51, 2019-20

The International Airlines Group (IAG) has announced 13 finalists that will join its latest Hangar 51 global accelerator programme, KornChain being one of the finalists...

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Multi-currency Gift cards on blockchain

A new ground-breaking multicurrency closed-loop gift card product has been created to solve this issue by retail loyalty and digital marketing company Tranxactor, working with LoyalT, which is built on blockchain to create efficiencies, speed of transaction and cross-border usability.

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Why loyalty industry needs blockchain technology

Research repeatedly shows that consumers are frustrated by their inability to reach their redemption goals, by expirations, confusing collection and inability to track multiple loyalty programmes. Technology required to create a secure and trustworthy marketplace for exchange and consolidation of points was prohibitively expensive. LoyalT is here to change the way people think about rewards...

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Loyalty schemes are moving to the new business model of the platform ecosystem, know why

The emerging platform strategies are demand-driven and they promise to provide unprecedented scale, speed, and global reach. These can build the foundation for unleashing new market opportunities from system management, data collection to deeper consumer insights. The industry has been fast growing and 80% of the global enterprises are expected to create or partner with industry platforms in the coming few years.

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How blockchain is reinventing travel loyalty programs for both brands and consumers

“The loyalty industry has been deprived of technology,” says Ghosh, who comes from a background in finance and banking.“Some bigger players have a huge amount of loyalty points sitting in their balance sheet that is unredeemed and that is a liability. Then they have to amortize - which nobody wants that. If you have too many loyalty pints unredeemed, that means only one thing: that your loyalty program is not working.”

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