IAG welcomes LoyalT to HANGAR51, 2019-20

Published on Aerospace Tech Review

The International Airlines Group (IAG) has announced 13 finalists that will join its latest Hangar 51 global accelerator programme. Hangar 51 is in collaboration with Iberia, Vueling and IAG Cargo and is installed across Europe.

In IAGs announcement, the 13 start-up companies will work side by side with mentors and experts from across the Group gaining access to resources to develop, shape and scale up their business. Projects underway include next generation voice artificial intelligence and new carbon capture technology to effectively remove CO2 emissions from the atmosphere.

Under 'New products and services', IAG selected KornChain (UK) is set to create a cost-efficient global loyalty points exchange network powered by blockchain. It will enable customers to earn, track, exchange and redeem loyalty points for higher value redemption.

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