LoyalT is now available on Shopify for retailers to issue globally exchangeable reward points

Ivy Roy


While Shopify has been making the merchant journey better, online and at retail locations, we wanted to be an effortless extension to their merchants’ loyalty program journey.

Shopify is a network of 820,000 merchants and 500,000 stores that make it the second largest in its space, after WooCommerce. It was only time that we tapped this network to support every business that wants to reward their customers via a globally exchangeable reward points network, LoyalT.
We enable any size of an Airline to build or extend their reward currency network by connecting 100s of retailers in just a few days. Customers can seamlessly exchange reward points to airmiles and make their dream travel come true.


“Traditionally, airlines took months to onboard a new partner. Now with Shopify retailers rewarding their customers via LoyalT, an Airline can onboard these retailers within days and the retailers get the advantages of being able to issue airmiles to their valuable customers.” - Animesh Ghosh, CEO of KornChain.


LoyalT makes business collaborations roll like butter on hot toast, which otherwise would have taken months. Imagine you have a Shopify store that sells boutique jewellery. Now imagine, you can enable your customers to exchange their points for airmiles. We are bridging the gap for such merchants who want to go above and beyond to reward customers, but current options restrict their partnership opportunities with the industry mammoths. LoyalT opens up an array of collaborative opportunities for them. Merchants can find eligible partners easily in the network and set up rewarding rules to give co-branded or preferential rewards to their customers. Everything is taken care of in the Smart Contracts, or simply, digital automated contracts.
LoyalT makes reward points more rewarding for customers. We have built a unique rewarding infrastructure that operates in real-time and seals multi-party transactions on the LoyalT Blockchain, making it extremely efficient for Shopify merchants to set customisable rewarding rules and give their customers the utmost joy of collecting points at their stores and save up for aspirational purchases. Customers who shop with Shopify merchants can convert their reward points for airmiles, gift to their family & friends and keep earning points via brand referrals. All it requires is the merchant to give 15 minutes to register on LoyalT via their Shopify account and start rewarding.

As Shopify opens the door of 820,000+ merchants to LoyalT, we are continually unlocking the potential of LoyalT platform, driving our development to keep loyalty experiences for merchants and their customers seamless, useful and intuitive.


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